Thursday, February 24, 2005


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When I walk in the door youre in shaved teen boys bathroom, hair back in a ponytail, putting on your make up as if you need it, lovely as you are. I peek in the cracked door for a moment before saying anything. You feel me standing next to you. Turning your head a bit and your eyes following over to me, you peer at me over your shoulder. I see a slight smile start to form at the edges of your soft full lips. I look you up and down, taking in your form. Soft curves, and full breasts under a tight form-fitting shirt. A round heart shaped ass under a pair of tight pants.

As you go back to putting on your make up, I step up behind you, wrapping my arms around you. My hands move around your arms to your belly then slowly up. My right hand sliding over your left breast, my left hand over your pubic shaving breast. I pull you closely. I tilt my head to the side and softly breath on your neck, lightly pecking it with initiation gay shaved crotch lips. You tilt your head back as I nibble on you. My lips trace their way from just under and shaved sex sluts your ear, to the edge of your jaw softly down your neck, stopping at your collar. You start smiling in the mirror I thought we were going out tonight? I smile back, I thought wed stay in.

You set down your make up, turning to face me. You tilt your head up, reaching for my lips. We touch softly, as you wrap your arms around my neck. We kiss more deeply, fully. I back you up, against the sink counter. I bend slightly, reaching my hands own shaven celebrities back, softly grasping your lucious ass in my hands, pulling you up towards me. You pull yourself up higher, wrapping your legs around me, forcing me to lift you up onto the counter. I kiss a while longer, as I firmly massage your breasts and nipples.

I lift you up from shaved pussy free picts counter, your legs still wrapped around me. I carry you over to your bed, laying us down with you beneath me. I press myself firmly against your lower half You feel me hard within my pants. I rub one hand over your breast more as we kiss. I nibble my way across your cheek, down your neck, to your collar, and then across your shirt, lightly biting at your nipples through your shirt and bra.

I crawl to your side a bit, my leg women shaved shaved wet pussy picture I move back up to your neck, nibbling and lightly biting on you, while my hand moves its way from your breast, slowly down your chest, across your ribs, past your waist, and down between your legs. You feel my fingers press through your jeans, rubbing your pussy. After a bit, you manage to roll me over. Now straddling me, you begin to unbutton my shirt quickly, while I massage your breasts, female shaved nudism your hard nipples through lesbian shaved thumbs shirt and bra. You pull my shirt open, and begin to nibble on my chest, licking and biting my nipples. I raise myself up towards you, pressing our genitals together. I hear you moan softly as I let out a sigh. You cross your arms, grasping the bottom of your shirt, slowly lifting it over your head, revealing your lovely breasts. shaved pussy photo sit up and bury my face between them, pressing them together with my hands. I kiss and nibble at them through your bra.

You stand up, pulling mom shaved pubes shaved team hand, forcing me to stand as well. You quickly pull off your bra as I remove my shirt and start removing my pants. As soon as shaving no pubic hair pants are unbuttoned and moving down my legs, you are kneeling in front of me, popping my dick into your mouth. You wrap your soft, full lips around the head of my penis, getting it moist. You start to circle it with your tongue. I try to press myself further into your mouth, but you draw back, keeping only the head of myself in. You quickly suck more in. When you have about half of me in your mouth, you start to pull your head back, letting all but the head slip out. While youre doing this, you reach a hand up and start stroking my balls gently. girls shaved pussy under 18 no ads hear me gasping, loving every bit of it. You even start to taste me, as the tip of my shaved cummy pussy redhead starts to excrete some of shaving pubic semen.

After a few moments of this, you pop my dick out of your mouth and look up at me, with quite an innocent look on your face. Smirking, body art tatoos shaving etc take you by the hands and pull you up quickly. I immediately drop in front of you, grasping the lip of your pants. In one quick motion, I literally rip open your pants, and pull them along with your panties down to your ankles. As I stand back up, you position my dick, and wrap your legs around shaving bikini lines pictures holding on to me with one arm around my neck. With my dick pointing upwards, flat against your pussy, your breasts pressed firmly against my chest, and the 2 of us kissing deeply, I slam you against the shaved piercing You feel my dick slide up and down your pussy, slipping over your clit as I slide my hips up and down. You press yourself harder against me as I rub back and huge shaved clits over you. During one downward ways to shave dick you pull yourself up a bit, just enough for my penis to slip. Now, with the head of my penis parting the flesh of your pussy, you lower yourself down all of this catching me off guard. As you lower yourself, you feel my penis push further and deeper into you. We both gasp in ecstasy.

I shaved cock moving for a moment. Looking into your beautiful eyes, I begin to kiss you deeply, wrapping my pictures of a shaved penis under your bare ass, squeezing it firmly. I carry you back over to the bed. I slowly kneel down, softly laying you on the bed, my penis still deep within you. I break our kiss and look into your lovely eyes again. I start kissing down from your collar to your breasts, lightly flicking the nipples with my tongue. I gently pinch them with my teeth tugging them. Flicking them while they are between my teeth, with my tongue. While Im playing, you feel me slowly start to draw myself out of you. Pressing my body flat shaved stockings yours, I kiss my way further down, rubbing my whole body against your clit as I slide down.

When I reach your clit, I part your lips with my fingers, and slowly slide my tongue from your pussy to your clit. As I approach your clit, I pull back shaved pussy sex the skin covering it. You feel my lips softly wrap around it. I begin to suck firmly on it, pulling it with my lips, flicking it with my tongue. I furiously suck, lick and tickle your clit with my mouth, and begin to slide 2 of my fingers into you. Hearing you gasp and moan softly only makes me more determined You thrust your hips up and down, but with my huge cock shaved wrapped under and around your legs, my fingers laced over your pelvis, you are helpless to my assault. After a short while, I feel your legs begin to spasm blonde shaved pussy my head. Holding you tighter, I keep up my attack. You feel my tongue swiftly trace circles around your clit, flicking it side to side, up and down, my lips tugging it, pinching it softly as I suck on it. Very quickly, you start to spasm again, this time letting out a muffled moan of pleasure.

I am unrelenting in my attack. Still holding you firm, though you try desperately to pull away, I keep up my assault on your clit. I can feel it throbbing against my tongue, swelling even more as I continue. I lighten my touch, and slow myself, making sure to touch every possible bit of your clit. I begin to smell your sweetness around me, my fingers absolutely soaked as I continue to rub them in and out of you.
shaved preetens after one more hard spasm, I let up. You are gasping and sweating. I crawl up on bald shaved heads on women of you. With your legs parted wide, I easily slip myself into you, feeling your warm, wet, and tight flesh welcome me into you. You wrap your legs around me, lacing your fingers behind my neck. Without pause, I begin riding girls thongs shaved quickly sliding myself back and forth within you. I move faster after a few moments. Every Shaved Clit moan, every squeak, every sound you make motivates me more. Your voice and all the sounds you make like the most magnificent music to my ears. I feel you spasm again, your hips thrusting, your legs shaking I even feel your pussy tighten around my penis.

I pull myself out of you, crawling back down to your pussy. stories shaving her pussy wrap one bikini shave pictures under your leg and find free pictures of shaved lips your pelvis wet shaved cunt Sliding a couple fingers into you, I search for your g-spot. When I find it, I vigorously begin rubbing it. After a few moments, when I notice it really starting to affect you, I pull my fingers out and begin rubbing your clit. When it seems progress is being made, I let up off your clit, and slip my fingers back into your shaving pubic rubbing your g-spot again. I continue this, back and forth, from your g-spot to your clit and back again for several minutes. When you get close to cumming, I stop all together, kissing your inner thigh, rubbing my hand over your pelvis or along your leg And after a few moments, when youve cooled down a bit, I begin rubbing your g-spot again, then shave pic clit following the same pattern as before. Again, as you get close to orgasm, I back off. I take you through this back shaving pubic and forth for over an hour, never letting you cum.

Finally, with you all but screaming in free shaved vulva pics and begging me to let you cum, I begin furiously sucking and male pubic shaving videos your clit while at the same time, rubbing your g-spot. You feel it build. free teen shaved sex movies and more until finally you feel as if you are exploding in a massive orgasm. But I dont let up. I keep sucking your clit and rubbing your g-spot and you keep cumming, screaming, and thrashing about. While your still cumming, I quickly climb back on top of you and begin fucking you again. Hard and fast, I slide myself in and out of your convulsing pussy.

Finally, on the verge of orgasm myself, I pull out of you, not ready to cum just yet. Both of us shaved fucking in sweat, I roll over, you climbing on top of me. As you lean over, I devour your breasts, sucking on your hard nipples. You slide yourself over my penis a few times before sliding me into you. I sit up, burying my face into your breasts as you start to bounce on top of me. You slide yourself up and down on my penis rapidly, rubbing it against your g-spot. Hearing you, just hearing the sounds your making as you build up to another orgasm, causes me to shaved teen gallery my own. I begin to shudder and gasp, moaning in extacy as I cum within you, feeling you start to cum again around me. Both of us virtually screaming. Both of us crying index of shaved teens pleasure. You slow your pace as your orgasm shaving pubic subsides, finally stopping as I hold you in my arms. We fall back onto the bed, you lying on top of me. With you still straddling me, my penis free pictures of wet shaved pussy inside your pussy, we pull the sheets up over us and fall asleep in each others arms.


shaving pubic

free shaved pussy trailors both stood there in the dimly lit free shaved pussy [ics Neither seeming to know what to do shavwd teens say next.

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Still taken aback he just nodded. adult web cams
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